Dutch Cash Rebate for Filmmakers

Filmmakers and producers! Take advantage of the friendly climate for producing films and documentaries in the Netherlands!
Qualify for the Netherlands Film Production Incentive and get a discount from 30% up to 35%.

Take ... the Netherlands!

In order to attract international film/documentary productions and to stimulate the growing domestic post production sector, the Dutch Government has decided to refund up to 35% of the production costs related to films that are co-produced or partly processed in the Netherlands. This cash rebate applies to all eligible producers and filmmakers throughout the world.
Sound 2 Design is a post production company based in the Netherlands. As long as your film or documentary qualifies for the Netherlands Film Production Incentive you are entitled to a refund of up to 35% of the total amount spent on our services. The discount percentage varies from 30% to 35% depending on the type of your project. It applies to sound design, editing, mixing, restoration and any other film related audio service offered by Sound 2 Design.

For more information about the Netherlands Film Production Incentive and how to apply please check:  www.filmfonds.nl/international

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