Sound Design for Film & Documentary

Sound 2 Design is a boutique post production facility providing sound design, mixing and audio restoration services to the film, documentary and television sector. Our big strength is the small footprint which enables us to supply custom-made, pristine sound services at competitive prices. Nowadays, more and more creatives are working from home. We offer Online Sound Design and Mixing* reducing that way the restrictions of the filmmaker's/producer's location practically down to zero.  We design sound for conventional visuals as well as for 360 video and OmniStill (images with lifelike, hyperrealistic 3d soundtracks). Next to that we provide Online Audio Restoration varying from removing drone noise from dialogue tracks to redesigning the whole soundtrack of archived film footage. Sound 2 Design is situated in the Netherlands in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area and is participating in the Dutch Film Production Incentive

*Just all the same, during the coronavirus outbreak we continue to offer all our services online.

Online Sound Design and Mixing

No matter where in the world you are editing or producing you can have the sound of your film... more


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Why Sound Design Matters

Location sound combined with library music can yield satisfying results for the soundtrack of a film but... more

Online Sound Restoration

Get rid of that irritating drone noise messing up your stand-ups!
Receive clean and sweetend dialogue to match to the rest of your film! TRY it for FREE!...

About Thanassis Pliakis, MPSE

Sound 2 Design is run by Thanassis Pliakis, a sound designer, sound editor and sound mixer residing in the Netherlands... more

For more information and estimates please e-mail us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Up to 35% Dutch Cash Rebate!

In order to attract international film and documentary productions the Dutch Government... more


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