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Sound 2 Design, run by Thanassis Pliakis, MPSE, is a facility providing quality sound design, mixing and audio restoration services to the film, documentary and television sector. Sound 2 Design offers next to the traditional offline workflow, online sound design and eMixing services, thus reducing the restrictions of the filmmaker's geographical location practically down to zero. Sound 2 Design is situated in the Netherlands in the Amsterdam metropolitan area and is participating in the Dutch Film Production Incentive

Online Sound Design and eMixing

Wherever you reside, you can have the sound of your film, documentary, trailer or commercial mixed and designed without having to leave the editing room. Experienced for more than 10 years in audio post production through the internet, we offer you a solid, reliable and attractively priced online service tailored to the specific requirements of your project . . . read more about  Online Sound Design and eMixing for Film and Documentary -  the  4 online workflows


Catch a glimpse of our work!  A compilation of various films, documentaries, commercials and trailers edited down to a 4min and 30sec showreel.       


Why Sound Design Matters

While sync audio recorded on location combined with library music can yield good results for the soundtrack of a documentary or other film genres, there are still other aspects of sound which are left unexploited . . .  please read and watch   Why Sound Design Matters for Film and Documentary

Online Audio restoration

Have you had a film-shoot on a location where sound recording conditions were far from ideal?
Is your dialogue or voice-over not clean enough and not suited for smooth and seamless editing? Are you using archive old film/video footage that needs . . . please read 
Online Audio Repair & Restoration

About Thanasis Pliakis, MPSE

Sound 2 Design is run by Thanassis Pliakis, a sound designer, sound editor and sound mixer residing in the Netherlands. He has been credited for the sound of numerous feature . . . read more about  Thanassis Pliakis

For more information and estimates please e-mail us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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In order to attract international film/documentary productions . . .  please read further  Dutch Cash Rebate



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